Stop Spam before it reaches your network

Email Anti-Spam, Built for your Business


Exa Presents GWEFA Service, Which Provides Cloud Protection From Spam And Malware To Protect Your Email From Attackers.

gwefa (vPS)

$30 Monthly

gwefa (DS)

$83 Monthly

How it works ?

Filtering the inbound & outbound messages and secure your IT infrastructure from spam, phishing attacks, malware and viruses. All offending mail is held in secure quarantine
Will scan your email messages, and detects viruses and malwares with SLA up to %99.9.


GWEFA is built and designed for business, it could handle big amounts of messages’ data with a highperformance.

24/7 technical support to protect your employees and client from being spammed. Your IT department will easily monitor and configure GWEFA using our simple and effective dashboard.

GWEFA Features

Image Recognition:
Not just the content, GWEFA™ scan the images inside the message body too (Arabic supported)
Inbound & outbound scan:
GWEFA Scan every message, inbound or outbound, and gives it a score, depending on the rules you set. It blocks the messages away from the hands of the employees the prevent the possible harm.Our staff or your IT guys can review them later for further configuration.Scanning your outbound messages will keep your IP from being blacklisted, in case any of your employees’ email or workstation is infected with a malware.
No lost Message:
Every spam message GWEFA holds, stays in the system. You can access your dashboard and see why it has been flagged.
Your information is completely confidential and safe:
Your information is completely confidential and safe:No one can access your filtered mail except the authorized personnel.
Flexible filtering techniques:
You can get your GWEFA™ tailored for your business need, it can suit any business profile with easy configure settings
100% Compatible with any email client
Plesk, Exchange, Outlook, anything and everything!100% Compatible with any email client