Exahost For Information Technology Is Irresponsible For Misinterpretation Of Any Part Of Services’ Terms And Conditions, So Please In Case That You Have Any Inquiries Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us Any Time.

Exahost General Terms And Conditions

  • The Conditions Stated Here Its Purpose Is To Organize The Service In Order To Ensure The Best Level Of Service For All Clients.
  • As We Always Care About Our Customers, The Company Has The Right To Change Any Part Of This Agreement At Any Time Seems Appropriate, In A Way That Doesn’t Affect The Two Parties And Without Referring Back To The Customer, Also The Customer Must Periodically Review The Terms Of Service, As Providing Our Services Based On Your Full Agreement With What Is Stated Here.
  • Exa Host Has The Right To Refuse Providing Any Service, Suspend Or Terminate It, Also Close The Customer’s Account Without Referring To Him Incase He Doesn’t Respond Our Warnings In These Cases: Misuse Of The Service, Breaking Any Of Following Criteria (Use Of Exa Host Services For Illegal Activities, Including Which Contains Storing Or Distributing Illegal Copies Of Programs That Have Copyright, Harming The Interests Of The Company, Its Systems, Intellectual Property Or Services, The Use Of Materials With Bad Content That Violates Morals, Or Materials Related To The Infringement Of Freedoms And Personal Information , Materials That Threaten The Environment And Society, And Harm Others, Such As Attacking E-Mail, Websites, Or Private Servers, Using Spyware Or Piracy). In These Cases We Do Not Refund Any Amounts Paid For Services. The Client Has Full Moral And Legal Liability If Proven.
  • In Case That The Client Has Defamed The Company Or One Of Its Employees Or Administrators, The Company’s Management Has The Right To Cancel The Contract And Refuse To Provide Any Service, And Suspend The Active Ones ,Instead Of That The Customer Has The Right To Go To The Competent Authorities To  Complain.
  • Exa Host Is Irresponsible For Any Damages That Have Affected Any Part As A Result Of Any Violations Of Indicated Standards, Or Misuse Of Services By One Of Its Clients, Or Problems Resulting From The Occurrence Of Circumstances Beyond The Control Of The Company, Sudden Malfunctions Or Unexpected Technical Errors, And It Is Not Entitled For Any Part To Claim Compensation For Any Damage As A Result Of This.
  • All Clients Are Obligated To Compensate Exa In An Appropriate Manner, Whether Materially Or Morally In Case That They Do Not Comply With These Standards Or Any One Of Them Has Been Breached, And Exa Has The Right To Estimate The Problem And The Damage That Occurred.
  • In Case That The Customer Asked To Delete His Account, Including All His Services, He Is Not Entitled To Request Any Backup Copies Or Restoration Of His Data, And A New Cost For Subscription Will Be Required.
  • Exa Host Has The Right To Amend The Prices Or Details Of Services At The Time It Seems Appropriate Without Consulting Any Parties In Advance.
  • Exa Host Is Committed To Do The Best To Get A High Performance And Stability, But The Client Must Know That It Is Impossible To Provide An Electronic Service Without Sudden Faults Or Unexpected Technical Errors Such As Those Related To Service Interruption, Errors Resulting From Misuse, Problems With Internet Connection Hacking Attempts, Or DNS Problems, And Accordingly, The Use Of Our Services Is The Responsibility Of The Customer.
  • All Clients Are Fully Responsible For Their Accounts And Sub Accounts In The Company, Also Any Action They May Take Through Their Client Are Regarding The Services And Domains In The Account, So Customers Must Fully Maintain Their Client Area Credentials .
  • No One Has The Right To Communicate With Exa Regarding Any Service Or Domain Listed In A Customer’s Account Except For The Person Whose Data Is Registered In The Account (Name: Email, Mobile Number) And Which Proves His Ownership Of The Account, And In The Case That The Customer Requests Changing Any Of These Data We Must Be Confirmed By A Phone Call Through The Number Registered In The Account Or By Sending Necessary Documents To Complete The Data Change Process.
  • All Customer Requirements Related To Taking Any Actions Towards His Services Or His Account Must Be Documented Through The Ticketing System For Reference At Any Time If Necessary.
  • Exa Has The Right To Close The Client’s Account If The Account Doesn’t Contain Any Active Service And Without Referring To The Customer.
  • It Is Prohibited For A Customer To Resell Or Distribute Any Service Provided By Exa Unless There Is Agreement With The Company Management .

Billing And Invoices

  • All Financial Transactions Are In USD Or The Equivalent In SAR And Egytion Pound.
  • The Client’s Request To Activate The Required Service Is Executed After Receiving The Service Fee And Paying Its Invoice, The Same For Service Renewal , Full Invoice Amount Must Be Paid.
  • Due Invoices Are Sent 15 Days Before Their Due Date At The Registered Email In The Account,  Also Payment Reminders And Service Suspension Notification Are Sent .
  • Renewal Date For All Services Is Unified, So When An Invoice For A New Service Is Issued , The Cost Of The Remaining Days Until The End Of The Month Is Calculated, So Sometimes The Value Of The Service Renewal Is Different From The Value Of The First Payment Amount.
  • Exa Has The Right To Suspend Any Services That Their Renewal Invoices Are Not Paid And Exceed The Due Date ,Also The Company Is Irresponsible For Any Damage That May Occur To The Customer As A Result Of Suspension Or Termination, Including Loss Of His Data.
  • Online Payment, Whether By PayPal Or Credit Cards, Should Be Subject To Scrutiny, And Client’s Data Isn’t Saved, Also A 5% Fee Is Applied To These Transactions, And Been Added To The Invoice.
  • The Company Is Irresponsible For Any Transfers Or Deposits Made To Accounts That Are Not Mentioned On Its Website. We Accept Deposits Or Transfers To Our Official Accounts Only, Which Can Be Requested From The Accounting Or Customer Support Departments Only.
  • The Accounting And Customer Support Department Must Be Informed Through The Ticketing System With The Transfer Details, So That The Transfer Can Be Verified Within A Maximum Period Of 24 Hours For Local Transfer And 48 Hours For International Transfers, Then We Can Pay The Invoice.
  • Exa Host Is Irresponsible For Not Activating Or Temporarily Suspending The Service As A Result Of Delay In The Transfer Or Deposit Procedures, Whether Due To The Customer Or The Bank, Or For Any Other Reason Not Related To The Company, And Also Not Providing Us With The Details Of The Transfer.
  • The Customer Has The Right To Add Amounts As A Credit Balance In His Account To Renew Or Activate Services Through The Client Area Without Referring To Customer Support Team, Credit Balance In The Customer’s Account Isn’t Disposed Of Except With His Knowledge And Upon His Request Through The Ticketing System, Whether To Pay For Renew Or Adding New Service.
  • At Subscribing To One Of Our Services, You Will Pay The Announced Price On Our Website ,And The Same At Service Renewal, The Customer Is Not Entitled To Demand A Change In The Price To Match Any Offer Prices That Are Announced At A Specific Time , Except Incase Of New Subscription.
  • Discount Coupons Are Allowed To New Subscriptions Only, And Do Not Include Service Renewal .
  • The Grace Period For Paying An Invoice To Renew Shared Services Is Only 7 Days From Its Due Date ( 22 Days From Invoice Date).
  • There Is No Grace Period For Domains Or Dedicated Servers Renewal And All Services Provided By A Third Party, So The Customer Must Pay The Renewal Value Before The Due Date In Order To Avoid Losing Ownership Of The Domain Or Suspending His Servers
  • It Is Not Possible To Refund Any Amounts Paid To A Third Party Once The Service Is Activated, Such As: Control Panel Licenses, Dedicated Servers, Domains.
  • Only New Customers Are Allowed To Refund The Amount Paid For One Of The Shared Hosting Plans Within 30 Days After Service Activation, Incase That They Are Not Satisfied With The Level Of Service Provided, The Request Must Be Done By Ticketing System And The Amount Is Refunded To The Same Bank Account That We Have Received The Amount From It .
  • Clients Are Allowed To Upgrade Their Services Of The Same Category Anytime Via The Control Panel, And Service Fee Difference Is Calculated Automatically To Be Paid To Start The Activation Of The New Plan, But Incase Of Downgrading , The Difference Is Not Calculated, And Incase Changing The Service Category, It Is Referred To The Administration First To Study The Possibility Of Recharge Your Service.

Shared Hosting Services And Fair Usage Policy

  • A Number Of Clients Are Hosted On Shared Servers, They All Share Resources So None Of Them Affect The Others, And The Company Has The Right To Close Any Website That Is Used For Purposes Contrary To The Agreed Terms.
  • Exa Is Committed To Providing Servers With A Stable Network For Shared Hosting Services, And Maintaining Servers Periodically, Also Committed To Notifying The Client At Server Maintenance Periods, And To Monitoring Servers And Providing Technical Support 24/7.
  • There Is Resources Consumption Limit  For Each Of The Shared Hosting Plans, And In Case That These Limits Are Exceeded According To The Fair Use Policy, A Ticket Is Opened From The Customer’s Account To Notify Him, To Take The Necessary Measures To Reduce Consumption Or Upgrade To Another Suitable Plan For His Consumption, The Service Will Be Suspended , Incase  Necessary Procedures Are Not Taken.
  • The Customer Has The Right To Always Upgrade Or Downgrade The Service Whenever He Needs, And The Difference Is Calculated Automatically, Noting That In Case Of Downgrading The Hosting Plans, He Has To Refer To The Technical Support Department First To Make Sure That The Resources Of His Current Plan Allow The Downgrading.
  • You Are Always Welcome To Transfer Your Website To Exahost For Free.
  • The Hosting Account Must Always Be Linked With A Domain.
  • Backups Are Taken On A Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Basis, And The Customer Has The Right To Request A Backup For His Plan At Any Time And We Are Committed To Delivering It To Him Without Any Delay As Long As The Service Is Active, Not Canceled Or Suspended, In This Case, Retrieving A Backup Copy Will Cost $ 30.
  • Shared Hosting Plans Include Technical Support 24/7 Through The Ticketing System Only And No Support By Phone.
  • Shared hosting plans are essentially dedicated to hosting and supporting websites on stable servers, and not to e-mail services, so each plan is limited by a specific number of e-mail accounts, but if your consumption depends mainly on e-mails, so please contact us To ask about business hosting plans .
  • As the shared hosting plans are not dedicated to e-mail services, a fair usage policy is applied, so that the number of e-mail accounts for Fast plan mustn’t exceed 20 email accounts as a maximum, and the Fly plan mustn’t exceed 30 email accounts as a maximum so that the server and other clients’ services hosted on it are protected.
  • Shared hosting plans Fast and Fly are unlimited space with a maximum of 30 GB

Virtual And Private Servers Hosting Services

  • ExaHost Is Committed To Providing Hosting Services For Virtual And Private Servers With High Capabilities, On A Stable Network, At Internationally Trusted Data Centers, With Regular Maintenance Of Those Servers .
  • Virtual And Private Server Plans Do Not Include Control Panel Licenses Or Technical Support Services, And In Case Requesting Any Of Them Additional Costs Are Applied .
  • Data Migration For Virtual And Private Servers Is With Extra Cost, And The Appropriate Package For The Customer Is Determined According To His Data.
  • The Minimum Subscription Period For The Virtual And Private Server Plans Is 3 Months, And After Paying The Server Invoice, The Customer Is Not Entitled To A Refund Invoice Amount And The Service Cannot Be Cancelled Till The End Of Registration Period.
  • A Private Servers’ Invoice Is Collected Before The Due Date, A Ticket Is Created From The Customer’s Account Informing Him That A New Invoice Is Issued For Renewal , And Follow-Up By Calls Is Done Periodically, To Confirm The Necessity Of Payment Before His Period ,If Any Delay Of Payment Occurred , The Server Is Suspended Directly By The Data Center.
  • Exa Is Committed To Guarantee The Stability Of The Server’s Performance And Has Nothing To Do With The Technical Problems That Occur In The Data Center, And All That Can Be Done Is Contacting  With The Data Center To Report The Problem, And In Case Any Technical Issues Occured , The Technical Support Department Is Not Involved Except In Case Of Participation At One Of The Server Management Services.
  • The Company Is Not Committed To Provide Any Technical Support Services For Any Program Or Systems Installed On The Server By The Client Himself.
  • In Private And Virtual Servers Plans, The Client Is Full Responsible For Backing Up His Data In External Sources.
  • If Your Hard Desk Damaged, Or The Data Become Inaccessible, Unusable Or Corrupted In Both Private And Virtual Servers Plans, EXAHost Will Replace It With A Same Server Plan, With The Same Technical Specifications In A Period Not More Than 5 Work Days.
  • The Company Is Committed Not To Change Any Of The Prices Or Server Specifications Within The Subscription Period, And If That Happens, The Customer Must Be Alerted.


  • Exa Is Committed To Providing The EPP Code To Any Client That Need To Transfer His Domain To Another Domain Registrar At Any Time, But First Domain Transfer Conditions  Must Be Met, You Can Ask About These Conditions Customer Support Department, Noting That This Request Has To Be Done Through The Ticketing System And Also A Phone Confirmation Must Be Done By The Registered Phone Number , And The Transfer Code Is Sent To The Email Registered In The Domain.
  • Exa Company Sends Alerts To Remind You To Issue Invoices Due For Renewing The Domain And Its Expiration Date, In Order To Avoid Losing It.
  • When The Domain Expires, It May Be Available For Registration Again By The Domain Owner.


Privacy Policy

  • By Registering At Exa Information Technology, All Personal And Financial Information Related To Your Account With Us Is Saved, And Is Not Available To Anyone Other Than Our Company’s Employees.
  • None Of The Services’ Data Is Sent Except Through The Email Registered In The Account, And It Is Not Shared On Any Other Communication Channels, Even The Ticketing System, In Order To Maintain The Privacy Of Your Data.
  • By Contacting Us To Inquire About Any Of The Services Provided By The Exa Company, We Store Your Data That You Provide Us With, And You Are Free To Refuse To Provide Us With Any Data That You Do Not Want To Share, In Order To Follow Up With You
  • None Of Our Customers’ Data Is Used Except For The Sake Of Improving The Service, Whether For Our Current Or New Customers.
  • The Backup Copy Is A Property Of The Customer Himself , And At Exa,We Keep Them For The A Period Of Time