Server Management

As Exa Host company has the strongest technical support team, we are presenting dedicated and virtual server management plans.

Basic management



  • Apply necessary settings through the control panel
  • Examine the site's databases and provide assistance to deal with them
  • It also includes solving email issues and providing assistance on how to deal with it
  • Solve problems related to domain routing on the service and the DNS
  • Apply necessary settings to improve PHP, Apache, and IIS services
  • Provide assistance in recovering server’s credentials Control Panel Installation, which includes installing the services chosen by the customer and updating them to the latest versions
  • Apply settings for outlook service
  • Applying server report
  • Support Linux and Windows operating system
  • Apply services settings remotely
  • An endless number of technical tickets are applied
  • Technical support 24/7

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Advanced management



  • Including all basic plan’s features and
  • The technical support team is keen on checking the system periodically and ensuring its stability, also making periodic updates to the operating system and all services installed on it to avoid any problems that may occur with the old versions.
  • Installing anti-virus programs such as CXS and CSF and applying a comprehensive configuration to protection and security settings, improving firewall settings at the server level in order to filter harmful ports and to prevent spyware .
  • Adjusting and improving web server performance ,activate caching to guarantee best possible performance of the hosted sites and maintain them periodically.
  • Providing more than one backup copy (daily, weekly and monthly) within the server .
  • Adding additional IPs,in case the customer requests additional IP and pays its cost, the advanced management plan includes adding it to the server and applying settings to the network .
  • Managing disasters that may occur to the server, checking the causes of penetration.
  • Increasing browsing speed and reducing download and response time .
  • Activate secure access to control panels and file management programs.
  • Identify attempts to hack the server and stop them before they are completed also record those attempts.
  • Installing desired programs on the server in a way that doesn’t affect the server's performance in general.
  • Adjusting services performance by appy settings to ensure the best server performance
  • filtering incoming requests to the server and comparing them with the database, as they may contain any hacking methods, and if any of them is discovered, they are immediately blocked.
  • Migrating the client’s websites ( maximum of 10 sites in case a cpanel is installed), then checking them and ensuring their safety after the migration.
  • An endless number of technical tickets are applied .
  • Technical support 24/7.

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Professional Management



  • Including all basic and advanced plan features in addition this plan specializes in providing high-tech solutions.
  • Activate cloudflare service for a website or one domain only
  • Install and activate a single SSL certificate on a single domain website only to guarantee data encryption.
  • Isolate harmful files once they are discovered.
  • Examining uploaded files to the website by the control panel , FTP, PHP.
  • Checking the mail sent from the server to make sure that it is not classified as spam, which makes the server IP safe from global blacklists.
  • The server is added to the company's monitoring system to conduct a regular check of the system, in order to follow up the server status, and installed services also monitor the server performance.
  • Migrating your data from one server to another, then making sure it has been migrated without problems .
  • An endless number of technical tickets are applied .
  • Technical support 24/7.

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Why dedicated server management?

Big websites owners are always busy growing their business, they don’t focus on managing the server or keeping the efficiency and the performance of the website stable or protecting it from hacking. This somehow affects their business, however, you need time and experience to guarantee that your website works properly, protected and supported 24/7.

With 15 years of experience in servers, and with the best technical engineers, EXAHost will help you manage your server’s daily operations, guarantee updating your systems, support your data and perform perfectly with the server management service. Without any contracts and with a very suitable prices plans that suits your interests. By this way you can focus on your business without worrying about managing your server or your website as it will be under the hands of experts 24/7/365.