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saudi company

Cloud services, hosting services, server management, Mobile applications
Business identity design, penetration testing, WordPress services
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Business identity

hosting services

Cloud services

Mobile applications

Content writing

penetration testing

server management

WordPress services

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outsourced servers support ?

Multi language support

Support available in Arabic and English languages by specialized cloud services technicians .

Flexible support plans

If your technical requirements increase, you can at any time upgrade your management plan to another one that suits your needs.

30 minutes response time

As we are aware of how important your data that is managed through the cloud, our technical team will respond to your technical inquiries in 30 min max.

Efficient technical team

A specialized and highly experienced team in cloud services provided by various cloud platforms to manage and monitor your servers, also offer the most appropriate solutions for your business on the cloud.

Multi channel support

Providing multiple communication channels between our technicians and our clients to ensure that clients can easily reach our team easily any time via ticketing system, email, phone .

Customize your plan

You will be able to design your cloud service management plan to suit your requirements, rather than forcing a standard plan that doesn’t suit your requirement.



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