Launching Telegram group video calling feature

Launching Telegram group video calling feature

Telegram announces the launch date of the group video calling feature in May “2021” after adding the encrypted bilateral video call in August “2020” and group voice chats, as due to the Coronavirus pandemic the need for applications has increased to support different distant communication ways, especially the visual ones. 

Therefore, many social network applications focus on developing voice call quality and group video calls, such as Zoom, Room messenger, Google meet, and others.

Telegram CEO (Pavel Durov) announced that group video calls have many advantages, such as screen sharing, encryption, and desktop support with a user interface for Telegram.

Telegram is considered to be one of the popular apps that have left a noticeable impact recently among users of social network sites. The app recently witnessed significant users increase, as the company celebrated in April “2020” reaching 400 million active users.

According to other statistics, in January 2021, about 25 million users joined the application within 72 hours, increasing the users to 500 million around the world.

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