What is the domain name .. ?

What is the domain name .. ?

The domain name is a short name indicating your website’s IP address on the world wide web , when using the internet has widely evolved, reaching the websites by their IP addresses such as (,  became complicated for the visitors , so domain names was a great idea to make it alot easier for the users to reach any website on the internet .

www.example.com this is what domain name looks like it consists of 3 main parts : 

  • Www , which is an abbreviation for world wide web and it indicates that you want to reach a website that exists on the internet 
  • The Domain name , which is the name of your organization or whatever name you choose 
  • The last part is the domain extension such as .com, .net, .org  it is also known as TLD (Top Level Domain) , you can register many extensions ( edu\ gov\ biz\ shop , ETC.. ) , also there is another extension which is the country code extension ( CCTLD) such as .SA or .EG , each county has its extension and it mostly being registered by a governmental entity , and Its cost is higher than any other extension . 


Domain names with a specific extension cannot be registered more than once , but they can be registered with a different extension , it’s just like phone numbers cannot be repeated . 


ICANN, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a nonprofit organization responsible for coordinating domain names worldwide . 


How domain name works to reach out to a website on the internet : 


Domain name is linked to what is called a domain server which saves domain names and then convert them into an IP address, it’s mainly used by data centers and hosting providers, as it is the server that receives requests from the browsers to convert domain names into IP addresses . 


Your domain is linked to your hosting plan by making the domain points to the hostings’ name server provided by your hosting company, then after inserting the domain name in the URL,  domain name server which stores the domain’s data completes the search process 


Domain Name Types : 


1 – Sub Domain :


Subdomain indicates a specific part in your website n it has the name of the primary domain, meaning that it is derived from and affiliated with it. 


You don’t need to register a subdomain, once you have a domain name you can create a subdomain. 


For example , exahost company’s domain name is www.exahost.com and our client area section’s domain name is my.exahost.com that’s a subdomain that indicates a specific part of the website . 


2 – Add-on Domain : 


It is an extra domain that you can buy and add to your server or your hosting plan to host another different website on it, also you can use it to redirect to your primary domain. 

And there are plans that allow you to add only one domain or more than one. 


3 – Parked Domain : 


It is also known as Domain Aliases 

People sometimes register a domain name hoping that it would be valuable in the future then they can sell it with a good profit . for example Apple paid 4.5 million dollars to buy the domain icloud.com .

You can register a domain name and not use it, in this case, it is called parked domain .

Old and hosted domains always get high rates and reputation in the CEO, so when you sell a domain name, consider that the older it gets, the more it costs. 


To use a domain name on the internet, it must be hosted on a specific server, that’s why we recommend every domain must be hosted on a server, even if it will be a parked domain. 

They refer to one page on the server that helps search engines to find and archive them. 

On the other hand, for websites that can be written in different ways, or visitors make frequent mistakes when they search for them, the website owner in this case buys all possible domain and make it point to one website, and that makes it easier to reach the website and makes the domain more popular. 

In general, registering domain names close to your domain and making them point to your website, is a way to increase your website’s visitors. 

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