What is the SSL certificate?

What is the SSL certificate?

SSL certificate is essential for any website owner to use in his website it is no longer a luxury any more it’s a necessity nowadays, especially if you have an eCommerce website and payment methods that your clients use. 

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificates, which now live up to be Transport Layer Security or TLS. It is a security system that ensures any data transferred between users and websites, or between two systems, remains impossible to read or encrypted. 


This encryption process is based on using two cipher keys: the first is public and available to everyone, while the second is private, known to the website owner only.

With the public key, any message can be encrypted, but for decryption, only the private key must be used. 


The HTTPS protocol proves that SSL certificate is installed on the domain. You may sometimes notice when browsing a website that there is HTTP or Not Secured next to the domain name, which means that the site is not secured. 


The SSLcertificate increases the trust in your website . Every customer is definitely looking for a secure and trusted website to hare his data . 


What is the free SSL certificate ? 


They are certificates that are completely free of charge , provided by trusted hosting providers such as Cpanel, let’s encrypt, Cloudflare. 

Its purpose is to achieve a high level of security on the network using the HTTPS protocol on the internet, but it doesn’t support some old versions, such as Windows XP and old Android devices, and of course, it does not give the same encryption level provided by paid certificates, but it is a good option for small business websites . 


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