What is the importance of data backup in web hosting ?

What is the importance of data backup in web hosting ?

If you have a website , files or system settings then you must always perform a backup plan for your data to keep them safe from catastrophic damag , so you can get them back anytime . 


So what are the factors affecting your data ? 


  • Delete any data by human error .
  • Applying wrong settings .
  • Viurs and Hackers .
  • Hardware damage or even updates that affect the content . 


You can perform data backup with more than one way : 

  • Same Server “ Eternal Backup “ 


It’s to keep the backup on the same server that hosts the data already , you can do that in 2 ways : 


  • Either the backup will be on the hard disk that stores the data, but this is a risk , cause If any problem occurs in the hardware , you will lose the backup and the data . 


  • Or you can download the backup on another hard disk separated from the one that stores the data , but this is also a risk , because if your server got hacked you will lose all the data . 


  • Different Server  “ External Backup “ 


It’s to store the backup on another server than the one that has the original data , this option is safe and not risky , and it will be better if the backup server is hosted in different data center , that’s why it’s important to carefully choose a company that has reliable backup servers .  


Backup Typs :  

  • Full Backup : 


The full backup is to make a backup for all your data that want to protect each time in a compressed and encrypted form , It is performed several times in a certain period of time, Although it is a safe way to protect your files, it’s not frequently used as it takes a long time and requires a large storage space, which costs alot of money especially if you have a high volume of data . 

  • Differential Backup : 

his type of backup involves backing up data that was changed since the last full backup , therefore it requires a full backup to be performed , It takes less time than the full backup and much less time to restore it , that’s why this type is the best in disaster recovery situations when time is a vital factor for business continuity . 

  • Incremental Backup :


This type of backups only stores changes that were made to the last backup version , it also requires a full backup version , as each incremental copy is stored separately for easy restoration . 

It takes less time to be performed than full backups and also less time when restore each incremental backup separately, but you will need a long time to restore several copies together to go back to a specific period of time . 

  •  Mirror Backup  (Snapshot ) 


It’s the same as the full backup type but the only difference is that , this one the data It not being compressed or encrypted so it takes much less time than full backup as well as when restoring it , but one of its main drawbacks is that it needs more storage space .


EXA provides a backup service through AWS reliable cloud servers . 


The advantages of EXA backup service : 


  • It has a cloud control panel that guarantee high service level and efficient management.
  • Protect the files on a safe cloud environment introduced by AWS service “Amazon S3” , also protected from ransomware attacks , damages or hacks . 
  • End-to-end (source and cloud) online transcription processes are encrypted using SSL and TLS electronic security protocols , to keep it safe against hackers . 
  • Flexibility to prepare more than one scenario for the suitable backup type to take advantage of backing up data periodically and automatically . 
  • The ability to store more than one version on your external servers . 
  • Easily activate and adjust settings on various packages of operating systems, whether on Linux or Windows servers . 
  • Easily restore lost files or data when needed by choosing from more than one available backup version . 
  • You will receive alerts in your email in case any backup failure happens . 
  • You will receive security updates alerts automatically without affecting the service . 
  • Professional technical support team to help you 24 /7 . 


You can view the external backup plans in Exa Host through the following link

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