What is the email hosting service and what are its benefits?

What is the email hosting service and what are its benefits?

Email hosting service means hosting an email in a specific space on the server with your 

domain extension, which is vital to your brand to increase its credibility and get your 

customers’ trust. 

The free email hosting service is more popular, as many prefer to use it, but if you need

a professional e-mail for your business, you should stop using the free e-mail service such 

as those provided by Yahoo or Hotmail as it is not a professional way to communicate with 

you clients, That is why marketing experts always advising to have an email with your brand 

name extension. 

When you have a professional e-mail and a professional business card to use with your 

clients, you do this to market your company and your business.


E-mail hosting service advantages :

  • Having a simple control panel, and features for example you can add or delete the email accounts according to your business needs. 
  • Get an unlimited number of emails with your domain name such as [email protected] 
  • linking easily to e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird, also linking it to mobile phones such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. 
  • Also easily use your service via webmail with free access from anywhere.
  • Make it easier for your employees to communicate via the e-mail service. 


What you should look for when choosing an email hosting :

  • Providing e-mail hosting through a cloud environment with a reliable infrastructure to ensure the high service level and high performance without being affected by any malfunctions, and fully managed by a provider with a professional support team 
  • The ability to handle a large number of clients efficiently and handle sending thousands of messages per second to thousands of clients.
  • To be fully secured at all levels by implementing the most important cyber-security standards such as DDoS attacks protection that might interrupt your service. 
  • End-to-End Encryption of emails to ensure the accuracy of their transmission without phishing or spying on them during transmission. 
  • using Anti-Spam protection programs to reduce receiving annoying messages with repetitive automatic responses constantly.
  • Use specialized anti-virus and anti-spyware programs to ensure that no mail intrusions occur through any received files that contain viruses that will badly affect your business. 
  • High-level encryption for the services’ databases to ensure Data Leakage Prevention.
  • Including a cloud storage service, built into the mail service, for easy use or sharing with other colleagues or clients.
  • The ability to synchronize mail contents with other desktop or mobile email management applications ( Active-Sync ).
  • activating the second level of protection before entering 2FA – 2nd Factor Authentication, by sending a text message to the mobile phone containing a password that is extracted when entering the mail from untrusted devices for the first time.


As EXA always keen to provide professional and high-level services to its customers, we offer you the Bronze mail service, which is an e-mail hosting service that comes with more than one plan. 

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And if these plans are not suitable for you , please contact us and we will help you . 

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