How can you choose the perfect hosting plan for your website :

How can you choose the perfect hosting plan for your website :

What is web hosting ? 


It’s a service that allows you to add your website on the internet, as it is the space you use to store the website’s data online ( content – images – database, ETC .. ), to be reachable to internet users.

Hosting plans have different types and specs, such as storage, data transfer capacity, internet connection speed, ETC …, after buying your hosting package and registering the domain, you must link the domain name to the hosting server’s IP address, so the website appears in the internet once anyone inserts it in the search bar. 


What is the shared host ? 


If you’re taking your first step in your small project so the shared host is your best option, as it means hosting more than one plan on the same server ,the clients share the server resources

as per everyone’s plan , and not affecting each other . 


This service is affordable compared to VPS and Dedicated hosting , but the worst thing about this type is that one client can harm the server and other clients’ services , and that is what makes the hosting service provider always responsible for monitoring the server 24/7 . 


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What is the difference between Windows OS and Linux OS ? 


Windows Hosting is a hosting that runs on the Windows Server operating system provided by Microsoft and supports the ASP.NET programming language . 

It comes with a Plesk control panel , and this type of hosting costs a bit higher price compared to Linux OS hosts . 


As for Linux operating system it’s more popular and cheaper , but it’s also an open source that available to all applications and that makes it more vulnerable . 

It supports PHP and Mysql database , and it comes with Cpanel control panel . 


What is the Dedicated Server ? 


A server is a computer with high specs and a strong internet connection , designed to host more than one website or one website that needs high specs . 

The client has full control of his dedicated server but you need a technical background to manage it or you can assign a hosting company to manage the server by a specialized technical team. 


Dedicated servers are the most expensive hosting type among all , It is mostly used by large institutions and companies, to guarantee a high level of security and privacy to their business . 


The server consists of : 


  • Hard disk : where the files and data are stored . 
  • RAM ( random access memory ) : It is responsible for temporary data storage . 
  • CPU ( processor ) : responsible for data processing . 
  • Operating System : that what makes the server a machine processing orders , such as Linux and Windows system . 


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What is the Virtual Private Server ? 


Virtual server is a server with high specs that divided into many virtual servers , each with a specific resources , so each can be a private server with less capabilities and cost .


It’s a very common hosting service, and that’s because it is affordable and flexible , also it allows you to use a different operating system than the one installed on the server . 


Virtual servers need a technical background to manage it , so the responsibility for securing the server is on the client or he can deal with a hosting company with a professional technical team to manage the server . 


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