What is the Data center?

What is the Data center?

What is the Data center?

It is a dedicated space equipped with capabilities to store computer systems inside, as it includes a number of servers that can be divided into virtual servers (VPS), or into different spaces to resell for example  shared hosting services, and host more than one client on the same server, 

sometimes companies like Google and Amazon use their own data centers to store their customer’s data to ensure that important information is kept secure. 

Data centers must have a high-speed Internet connection 24 hours a day, also they must contain devices to keep a specific temperature to maintain the server security, and there must be primary and backup power supplies to reduce services issues that may affect the data center’s work because this can incur Institutions and companies heavy losses. 

Data centers are the beating heart of the Internet. The Internet is a set of rings connected to each other around the world. 

When you will choose a data center to host your site, it is important to choose a close location to your target audience to reduce the loading time, because the distance will be shorter and therefore the download speed will be better, but this does not affect significantly. 


Data center downtime reasons : 

Know more about data centers downtime, as there is nothing service without downtime and malfunctions sometimes, and these reasons include:

  • Global data cables malfunctions, that cut off the internet connection, and there is a funny report that mentions that squirrels are the reason behind 17% of these faults, as they devour the cables components and completely separate them, causing the Internet service interruption . 
  • Also, natural disasters such as thunderstorms are among the most important reasons for data centers disruption globally, also Internet centers, where wild storms topple electricity and communication cables, but when lightning strikes them, the consequences are usually dire.
  • Stealing is also one of the reasons for Internet data centers disruption around the world, equipment, memory storages and disks are mostly stolen, which disrupts the data for a while until it is restarted again.
  • One of the amusing information that Google employees have mentioned is that in November of each year, which is the fishing season in the US state “Oregon” , the information transmission cables that connect the Google data center to the Internet are cut off, as they pass in the areas allowed to hunt in this state, as American fishermen aim their guns on these cables, probably because there are so few animals to hunt.

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