What is the penetration test service ?

What is the penetration test service ?

Know more about the penetration test service provided by EXA Host 


A penetration testing service helps you test security level of your website to discover its vulnerabilities . 


The main idea is to find out how easy or difficult it is for someone to hack your website’s security control or get unauthorized access to your organization’s information . 


cyber security team in EXA Host is using moderns ways used by hackers to in order to discover the vulnerabilities in your website . 


And then prepare a detailed report explaining the method that enabled you to access this information and suggest appropriate solutions .


Purpose of this test : 


  • Protect your company’s resources 
  • Find vulnerabilities that enable any person to access your data . 
  • Understanding the current security situation of the website because it identifies what are the vulnerabilities , then discovering the techniques that are supposed to be applied  to develop the plan that protects your site and your data . 


Penetration test methods  : 


Internal testing : 


To start the test from within the organization and attempting to penetrate using hardware and software located in the organization’s perimeter . 


External testing : 


To test from outside the organization with another company system connected to different network . 


So how often should you test your website vulnerabilities ? 


You should perform a penetration test at least once a year . 

Also you must perform this test in the following cases : 


  • Adding new infrastructure or applications . 
  • Upgrading your service or applying adjustments to the infrastructure or applications  . 


However the penetartion test is not the best option for all business types , as you must consider this points before performing a pen test :


  • The volume of your business , as well known companies are more exposed for hacking . 
  • Penetration tests are costly , so a company with a small budget may not be able to perform it annually , maybe once every two years , while companies with high budget should perform it once a year . 
  • Some industrial sectors are required by law to perform security procedures , one of the is the penetration test . 


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