What is data encryption “ Cryptography “ ?

What is data encryption “ Cryptography “ ?

Encryption in information technology means transforming data into codes that cannot be read except through decryption, in order to prevent any unauthorized third party from accessing this information, encryption is widely used on the Internet to protect the data On websites and Apps , especially important data, such as credit card or bank accounts’ info , personal data, mobile phones, and also Wi-Fi networks.

Encryption types are : 

There are many types of encryption, such as : 

  • Symmetric Encryption: depends on using only one key to encrypt information and decrypt it . 
  • Asymmetric Encryption: this depends on using two keys, one to encrypt data and is known as the “Public Key” and the other for decryption, it is known as the “Private Key”.


Encryption Process :

The encryption process is divided into two parts :

1 – Data encryption : 

An encryption key is used to convert data from a readable format to an unreadable code.

2- Data decryption : 

This is when we use the ‘Private Key’ 

(which is stored by the user securely) to return the data to its readable format.


Data encryption Advantages  for IT security 

Increase information security: 

Encryption technology helps increase data security on the Internet and on devices as well, whether it is your mobile phone, computer, or laptop. Also as an institution or APP. securing your customers’ data gives you their trust.

Use encryption on all devices:

It is being used on all devices today, such as (mobile, laptop, computer).

It also uses encryption to protect the Wi-Fi connection via VPN.

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